SEO overhaul resulting in a 45% uplift in organic traffic within six months.

Flash Corp faced a decline in their market presence. Our task was to rejuvenate their brand and strengthen their digital footprint.

The challenge

Flash Corp, once a beacon in its industry, began to notice a worrying trend. Their once-vibrant market presence was fading, engagement was dropping, and so was their brand’s impact. The digital age demanded evolution, and Flash Corp found itself struggling.


Our mission was clear: To inject new life into Flash Corp’s brand identity and digital presence. We aimed to not only recover lost ground but to propel Flash Corp to new heights of online engagement and market dominance.

The strategy

We embarked on a comprehensive brand audit, analyzing Flash Corp’s market position, competitor strategies, and customer perceptions. From here, we crafted a multi-pronged strategy to revitalize Flash Corp’s brand
Brand identity overhaul

Brand identity overhaul

We developed a new visual language that resonated with modern audiences while honoring the core values
Content rejuvenation

Content rejuvenation

Reimagining their content strategy, we focused on creating compelling, relevant content that spoke directly to the brand’s diverse audience segments.
Influencer collaborations

Influencer collaborations

Partnering with key influencers, we amplified Flash Corp’s new messaging, reaching wider and more engaged audiences.

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Natalie Craig

Natalie Craig

Co-founder @ Flash

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